A Concentrate and All the Ways They Can Be Used/Smoked

Cannabis concentrates are popular with many users, but if you’re new to a concentrate and all the ways they can be used/smoked, read this guide. We’ll give you the basic rundown on concentrates and how they might benefit you, and why you may want to choose concentrates over other forms of cannabis.

While an explanation of using cannabis concentrates will be a little more in-depth than a talk about smoking cannabis flowers, concentrates are actually easy to learn.

So, newbies, take note. Cannabis concentrates can be your perfect therapy. They offer benefits like quick symptom relief sans the buzz.

Let’s explore concentrates and narrow down a few options.

First Things First: How Do You Want to Feel?

If you’re contemplating using any cannabis product, first figure out how you want to feel. Do you want to experience a powerful high? If so, look for an oil high in THC. Would you rather have a gentle and balanced high? Maybe turn to an extract with an equal ratio of THC and CBD. Searching for symptom relief without a high? Think about choosing a high-CBD/low-THC product.

What are the Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates?

You’ll find many types of cannabis concentrates, each with a unique benefit. Here are a few options:

Kief. Kief looks like a crystallized powder, and inside of every one of these crystals is a potent dose of THC and CBD. These cannabinoids work together within Kief crystals to harmonize a strain’s benefits. Kief is sometimes pressed into hash to deliver a more potent high.

Wax. Cannabis wax is what you get when soft oils lose their transparency after extraction. A wax’s texture and appearance fall on a spectrum based on the moisture, heat, and texture of the oil before purging solvents from the product.

Shatter. Its glass-like transparency lends to this concentrate’s reputation as one of the cleanest and purest of all options.

Other cannabis concentrates you might want to consider include:

● Crumble

● Badder

● Live resin

● Sauce

● Hash

Want to find out more about concentrates? Visit us to see your options and discuss which might be best for your unique situation.

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