Cannabis vs. Hemp Oil

Do you know the difference between cannabis vs. hemp oil? They may look the same, but their uses and benefits are far from similar. Cannabis oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and people mostly use it for its medicinal properties. This oil is meant for oral consumption. Hemp oil, on the other hand, comes from the hemp plant, which is of the same species as cannabis but it has significant differences. To understand the difference between cannabis and hemp oil, it helps to know a bit about how cannabis and hemp differ.

Here are the basics.

Are Cannabis and Hemp the Same?

Hemp is a type of cannabis, as is marijuana. Cannabis sativa (its Latin name) is a plant family that includes several species, including marijuana and hemp.+

Marijuana is a type of cannabis that growers produce for its high level of THC. Hemp, also a kind of cannabis, has low levels of THC and is not what you’re after when you come to a dispensary for medicine.

What is the Chemical Makeup of Marijuana vs. Hemp?

Marijuana and hemp differ on many fronts, but their THC level differences are most notable.

While marijuana typically contains between 5 and 20% THC, hemp only has a maximum of .3% THC. If you’re looking for a high, hemp is not going to give it to you.

How are Cannabis Oil and Hemp Oil Different?

To dive into the topic of cannabis vs. hemp oil, first, we need to clarify that when most people talk about cannabis oil, they’re referring to marijuana oil. So, what are the main differences between cannabis oil and hemp oil?

  • THC vs. CBD Content - Cannabis oil can have up to 30% THC and its CBD thresholds rarely reach 1%. Hemp oil has more CBD than cannabis oil, but it contains less than .3% THC (more than that would be illegal).

  • Cannabis and Hemp Oil Use - People use cannabis oil medicinally for the most part, but some recreational users enjoy the high that this oil offers. Hemp oil is non-psychoactive, and it’s primarily used as a food supplement or moisturizer.

Looking to buy cannabis oil to use as a medicine or to get that recreational high? You’ll typically find it in these forms:

  • Oil tincture

  • Capsule

  • Vape oil

  • Edible

  • Concentrates

Want to learn more about the difference between cannabis and hemp oil? Come in and talk to us today.

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