Does CBD Oil Expire?

So, you’ve had that CBD product sitting around for a long, long while and the need arises for a little healing, but you’re wondering, “Does CBD oil expire?” Do you go ahead and consume your old-ish stash hoping you won’t get sick (and wondering if it will even help)? Here’s what the experts say about CBD oil and its expiration.

What is CBD Oil Shelf Life?

CBD oil’s shelf life is typically around one to two years. The exact amount of time you have before your oil is as good as gone depends on several factors.

First, quality counts. Not surprisingly, when you buy better products, they tend to last longer.

Second, all of the ingredients in your CBD oil matter. Each CBD oil product is made differently, and every ingredient in the various CBD oil products have their own shelf life.

Let's take a closer look at what you can do to make sure you purchase top-quality CBD so your medicine lasts.

How Can You Stretch the Shelf Life of CBD Oil?

You’ll get more for your money, and enjoy greater confidence that your product will be available when you need it, if you take the following steps to stretch your CBD oil’s shelf life:

  • Pay attention to quality control. Check the growing conditions and plant quality that went into the production of your CBD oil. Only settle for the best.

  • Check into the extraction process. You’ll want to buy products that use the carbon dioxide method of extraction, which is widely considered the gold standard. This maximizes cannabinoid levels and keeps the substances in the oil stable.

  • Remember that less is more. Be a minimalist when it comes to CBD oil. Look at the product’s COA (certificate of analysis) to choose an oil with as few ingredients as possible.

  • Buy CBD oil in glass bottles. The dark amber-colored glass bottles that many CBD oil companies use for packaging protect it from exposure to sunlight and air, prolonging shelf life.

Can You Tell if CBD Oil Goes Bad?

In addition to looking at the expiration date that should be on your CBD oil packaging, you can also refer to your senses. If your CBD oil:

  • Smells bad

  • Is murky

  • Has thickened

  • or tastes spoiled

then, it has gone bad and you’ll need to throw it away.

Will You Get Sick from Expired CBD Oil?

You probably aren’t going to end up in the doctor’s office or a hospital if you consume expired CBD oil, but you may get an upset stomach. Also, CBD oil loses its potency after time as the cannabinoids in the oil start to degrade. So, if you take expired CBD oil, you likely won’t get the health benefits you’re looking for.

In summary, to save yourself money and a headache, make sure you always purchase quality CBD oil products like those we carry at Foothill Wellness. And, take care to store your products properly, which means keeping them away from sunlight or extreme temperatures.

*A bonus tip: Use a clean spoon or dropper each time you dispense your CBD oil to keep bacteria out, which may spoil it.

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