How to Ensure Your THC and CBD Products are Real

With so much cannabis available today, you might wonder how to ensure your THC and CBD products are real.

It can be hard to know if you’re buying authentic and pure THC and CBD, especially with all of the loose and conflicting state and federal laws. Consumers today often face confusion when it comes to labeling, regulation, authenticity, and the health benefits (or lack thereof) of cannabis-derived products.

To start a conversation about how to tell if your THC and CBD product is real, first, it helps to talk about where THC and CBD come from.

Hemp and Marijuana: Both are Cannabis So What’s the Difference?

Hemp and marijuana are plants that fall under the species Cannabis sativa L. But, while both hemp and marijuana are cannabis (and contain CBD), they don’t offer the same health benefits.

The hemp plant doesn’t produce THC (at least not in any noticeable amounts). Marijuana does contain CBD and THC.

Why does this matter? Well, aside from the upgraded ‘entourage effect’ you’ll enjoy when you purchase a product with CBD and THC, you can tell that your product is fake if you purchase it outside of a licensed dispensary.

Licensed dispensaries are the only authorized outlets for marijuana CBD and THC. Even if you want a product that only contains CBD (not THC), you won’t get the real thing if you don’t purchase it from a licensed dispensary. It will be hemp-derived and not as effective in treating certain symptoms because hemp-derived CBD products don’t have the same potency of CBD derived from cannabis.

How Does Where I Buy THC and CBD From Help Me to Tell if it’s Real?

Only licensed dispensaries can sell THC-infused products. And, since you want the health benefits of THC, you should buy your concentrate, oil, tincture, or edible from a licensed marijuana dispensary.

In short, you don’t want to buy your THC or CBD products from online non-licensed retailers, gas stations, street vendors, friends of friends, etc. You get the picture.

What Do I Look for To Ensure My THC and CBD Products are Real?

Make sure you read labels. Any real THC or CBD product will have been manufactured with strict standards in place. You will see lab testing, verifications, certifications, and proof of authenticity on the product labels and inserts.

To ensure you get real THC and CBD products, come visit us at Foothill Wellness. We are happy to show you everything you need to know about our products, their authenticity, and their health benefits.

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