How to Tell the Difference Between Male and Female Marijuana Plants

Do you know how to tell the difference between male and female marijuana plants?

Growers and users take note. Male and female cannabis plants have different functions, so you want a female version if you purchase plants to consume.

Need to pollinate a female plant to start seed production? You guessed it. The male is what you need.

Each cannabis plant shows its sex if you know where to look, so let’s uncover the mystery of male vs. female.

We’ll break it down and start from the beginning. Here’s how to tell cannabis plants apart.

Cannabis Anatomy 101:

Cannabis plants have long skinny stems with large leaves that fan out from nodes. The flowers, or buds, grow solely on the female plants. Here’s more plant anatomy:

  • Seeds - Only female plants produce seeds. These seeds carry genetics to produce another male or female plant. Seeds germinate and grow roots to anchor the plants.

  • Roots - The root that grows from a seed is called a taproot. This root is the plant's lifeline, and it pulls in oxygen and water so the plant can grow.

  • Stem - Cannabis stems grow straight up from the roots and support all branches of the plant. They give male and female plants their stability and structure.

  • Branches - Several branches will grow out of healthy plant stems. Each branch supports leaves and buds.

  • Nodes - Nodes are the points where branches grow off the stem or another branch.

  • Leaves - Cotyledon leaves are the first to grow from germinated seeds. Fan leaves are large leaves that are symbolic of the cannabis plant. Sugar leaves are small and resin-coated, and they grow around the buds.

  • Flowers - Also called buds, flowers are the bounty of the plant.

There’s more to know about the parts of the cannabis plant but let’s move on to see how to tell the difference between males and females.

How to Tell the Difference Between Male and Female Cannabis Plants

To tell the difference between male and female cannabis plants, look at the nodes. Pollen sacs develop on male plants. Female plants contain stigma between their nodes.

It’s easy to determine male from female when cannabis plants are full-grown. But, even young plants show telltale signs of sex. New plants will reveal either tiny sacs or pre-flowers.

When fully grown, female plants display the buds that we all love and covet. Any time you see a plant with flowers, you’re viewing a female plant.

Want to know more about cannabis? Stop by and ask us questions. We’re always here to put you on the right path to wellness.

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