Most Popular Strains Today and Why

Wondering about the most popular strains right now and why they’re hot? We’ve got the info on what’s making people feel good. Keep reading to see which strains to pick if you want to elevate your mood, get your chill on, or sizzle through the rest of the summer.

Top Cannabis Strains You Can Find Today

With more than 5,000 strains to choose from, it can be hard to know which will make you happy, relaxed, stress-free, or pain-free. Here are some favorite strains users rave about:

Top Happy Strain

MAC - Also known as Miracle Alien Cookies or Miracle Cookies, MAC is a hybrid strain. This cross between Alien Cookies, Starfighter, and Columbian has a citrus flavor and aroma, and it offers effects that uplift the spirit. Many users choose MAC to help with depression and stress.

Top Euphoric Strain

Gelato - Gelato (sometimes called Gelato #42 or Larry Bird) is a hybrid made from crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Sunset Sherbet. This strain is a nice balance of Sativa and Indica, with a 17% THC profile producing effects that come on fast. Go with Gelato if you need to numb the pain or boost mental acuity.

Top Daytime Strain

Lemon Meringue - Need to stay alert enough to get through your day? Opt for Lemon Meringue (21%THC, 2% CBG), aka Lemon Meringue Pie. This Sativa strain is a sweet cross between Cookies and Cream and Lemon Skunk, and it has just the right amount of citrus aroma to help pick you up. Lemon Meringue works to assist focus and stave off minor headaches, and it won’t completely knock you out.

Top Nighttime Strain

Grape Pie - Looking to add some calm to your evenings? Grape Pie should do it. This Indica-leaning hybrid may initially light you up, but you’ll likely find that it gently sets you comfortably down on the couch where you can rest with TV and munchies.

Other Popular Strains

Some other popular cannabis strains right now include:

  • Top Summer Strain - Strawberry Cough

  • Top Pride Strain - Purple Punch

  • Top High-THC Strain - GMO Cookies

  • Top Strain for Relaxing - Ice Cream Cake

  • Top Creative Strain - Blue Dream

If you need more suggestions for top strains that might help you with your unique situation, visit us today

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