by Brenden Leigh

As expected, the middle of 2018 brings with it the tightening government grip on cannabis. For the past few months, the BCC (Bureau of Cannabis Control) has been slowly honing in on cannabis procedures, regulations and permit procedures. While this may sound a bit disheartening, keep in mind that with the BCC comes a more regulated market, designed to ensure that you enjoy the best cannabis has to offer!

IT STARTS IN THE LAB At the beginning of July 2018, all stores that sell cannabis can only sell IF their product is tested by a licensed testing facility. Grew a crop before January of this year? Needs to be tested. Want to sell to a shop? Send it to a lab for testing. The BCC maintains that in order to sell “safe” cannabis that is quality controlled and not too damaging to the population, that it must be tested by a verified lab technician.

CHILD PROTECTIVE, TAMPER EVIDENT GOODNESS! Additionally, all packaging and labeling must be handled at a location off of the premises where the product was manufactured. Should a vendor attempt to sell their goods without using proper packaging, legal Dispensaries are required to reject the goods. This means that legal retail-only Dispensaries are unable to create their own cannabis products, from flower to concentrate! While the BCC has relaxed its grip on the child-proof exit bags, they require that EVERY product have its own personal child-proof packaging, ensuring that Dispensaries have no direct contact with the product. This is obviously geared towards limiting canna-contamination.

EDIBLES TOO? Yes, even our beloved culinary pleasures will be also regulated by the laws above in addition to the dreaded 100-milligram cap. Currently, no edible can exceed 10mg per serving, and may not exceed 100mg per package. This particular canna-ban makes it difficult to buy in bulk, especially for those who are dealing with chronic pain or illness.

WHAT ABOUT DABS? WHAT ABOUT CONCENTRATES? All cannabis products that are not edible, such as wax, concentrate and tinctures are not allowed to exceed 1,000mg. Medical patients are extended to 2,000mgs. This means that retailers can only sell one gram at a time, effectively placing a cap on all waxes, shatters, concentrates and tinctures.

WELL THANKS BCC. While this may all sound like one big canna-buzz kill, the BCC was designed with one goal in mind: to regulate the market and ensure that consistency is a new trait of the cannabis market. With synthetic cannabis on the rise and the number of growers multiplying daily, an additional barrier prior to purchase may not be such a bad idea.

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