What is CBG and CBN?

Many people who come to our dispensary are familiar with CBD and THC, but they have the question, “What is CBG and CBN?”

CBG and CBN are compounds that you’ll find in some of the products we sell at Foothill Wellness, and they’re substances that you should know about if you’re looking for the best treatments for your health issues.

Like CBD and THC, CBG and CBN are cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Unlike the two most common cannabinoids, CBD and THC, CBG and CBN are relatively unknown. However, we want to help change that.

What are the Different Cannabinoids in Cannabis?

The cannabis plant, Cannabis Sativa L., contains more than 113 cannabinoids - chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants and mammals. Cannabinoids that are particular to plants are called phytocannabinoids.

CBD and THC are the most widely known cannabinoids. They react with our bodies’ endocannabinoid receptors to regulate systems and provide homeostasis.

“What about CBG and CBN,” you may ask? These too are cannabinoids, and they have their unique effect on the human body.

What is CBG?

CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that acts against the mind-altering properties of THC, so it will keep you from getting high on THC. Many people want the benefits of THC but do not want the psychoactive experience that comes with it, so look for CBG-infused products.

Studies have shown that CBG has a positive effect on many physiological systems, and when taken in certain dosages, it may:

  • relieve pain

  • slow bacteria growth

  • reduce inflammation

  • improve skin issues

  • stimulate appetite

What is CBN?

CBN is mildly psychoactive, so it won’t alter your mental state but it could make you drowsy. Some of our customers take products with CBN if they need a sedative to help them sleep or get through pain.

The cannabinoid CBN is what you get when oxygen is added to THC, but interestingly, CBN doesn’t share any of the same properties as THC.

CBN, like CBG, is used to increase appetite. It also:

  • helps with pain

  • assists in bone healing

  • fights insomnia

  • reduces seizures

  • battles against epilepsy

Why Take CBG and CBN?

The takeaway from a discussion of CBG and CBN is simple: these two cannabinoids should not be ignored for their more common cousins, CBD and THC. CBG and CBN, when used in combination with CBD, can produce an entourage effect of wellness that offers more benefits than any cannabis compound alone.

If you need help choosing the right cannabis product for your health issues, come talk to us. We can guide you to the best THC products for what you’re looking for that include the right amount of CBD, CBG, or CBN.

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