Which Strains Help with Depression?

Searching for ways to pull yourself out of a depressive funk? We frequently have customers ask us, “Which strains help with depression?” Happily, we always suggest several strains that may assist with depression, a mental illness that affects 264 million people around the world.

In the United States alone, a study showed that all adults over the age of 18 experienced at least one depressive episode within the prior year. Their depression could have manifested itself in various ways, including prolonged sadness, severe loss of interest, and other negative moods.

There are, thankfully, many treatments for depression. Some people make lifestyle changes to improve their conditions. Others find help through psychiatric therapy. Cannabis use is also a common aid to alleviate a depressed state of being.

Understanding which strains will benefit you should be your first step if you’ve chosen to explore relief from depression through cannabis. Sativa-dominant cannabis is well known for uplifting mood by providing a euphoric high, so consuming Sativa strains may counteract the melancholy feelings of depression.

While CBD may also help fight depression, we suggest you start with these weed strains:

Pineapple Super Silver Haze (19% THC)

Pineapple Super Silver Haze, a Sativa strain that’s a modified version of widely loved Super Silver Haze. This Pineapple hybrid pulls the Haze genetics into a strain that packs a super cerebral punch, delivering a buzz and flavor that should help drag you out of a downer daze.

Mr. Clean (20% THC)

Mr. Clean, or Mister Clean, is a Sativa-heavy cannabis strain made by crossing The Cube and Lime Skunk. Its intense aroma of sweet and tart candies, and lime, and cleans out any lousy mood, hence the name. Uplift your spirits with this strain that gives you the right amount of energy to get through your day.

Sour Pebbles (17% THC)

Fire Bros. does it again with Sour Pebbles, a Sativa cross between Fruity Pebbles and Alien Diesel. This strain’s aroma is a perfect blend of sour and sweet, reflecting the best of both its parents. Sour Pebbles came in 3rd in the 2014 High Times Washington Cannabis Cup.

Along with these cannabis strains for depression, try:

  • Seattle Cough (18% THC)

  • Orange Cream (18% THC)

  • Lemon Banana Sherbet (20% THC)

Of course, feel free to stop by and talk to our budtenders about other stains that might help with depression.

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