What people say.

Customer service


All the bud tenders are knowledgeable and Courteous



EVERYONE who works at FWC is extremely friendly and helpful. They have the best product at fair prices. Their own parking lot is a plus.

Awesome place


Every time I walk in this place EVERYONE always has a smile on their face...they are very knowledgeable and kind. This is the only place I actually like to go !! Thanks guys 😁😁

warm & fuzzy


It's a toss up as to whether it is the friendliness-cheerfulness of the staff or the warm fuzzy feeling I get while spending my money on a variety of outstanding products whenever I have the good fortune to visit the Foothill Wellness Center. Living only a half mile away also helps to have exceptionally good fortune as often as required.



Hands down the best center! Great, professional environment that always has everything that you need and more.

Check out FWC


Friendly, helpful staff. Quality products at good prices.



Only place I will go to after having my card over 7 years

Exceptional on all counts!


You can't go wrong here! Knowledgeable staff, product selections, and security are the best. I have no need to "shop around", Foothill Wellness Center is far superior in quality and service.

Look No Further


I had to kiss a lot of frogs b4 I found this prince of a place. When it comes to a knowledgeable staff, they know what product will best treat your ailments. When it comes to quality, I've seen them discontinue carrying product because it didn't meet their standards so their selection is always top notch. When it comes to customer service and genuine appreciation, they truly treat you like family, always happy to see you walk in. SERIOUSLY, if you aren't happy with Foothill Wellness, then what would it take for you to be a satisfied patient?

Disposable cartridges


Every Wednesday they did a deal where it was buy one get one free for a cannabis oil cartridge that had 500mg or 350mg up to a gram I believe, the high was fantastic, very relaxing, and they last for a very long time, for 40 bucks it can easily last up to 3 months

Great shop and cool people!

Dave Jones

Cool vibe and great selection. The people who work there are very well educated on the strains and their uses!


They are so nice, friendly, and they take the time to explain their medicinals, what works best for what.. strains, types... ♥

Retired/ Appreciation


Quality excellent! Service excellent!

Great place for my medical needs


Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great specials as well. My only dispensary 😁😝

Good Service


Very nice service from the time you walk in until the time you leave.

Woot Woot


best best best best meds best staff best prices



Their bud is always fresh & potent. Girl Scout Cookies - you can't go wrong! Thanks guys!!

Best dispensary !


Best place ever.

Great quality


Chloe is the best ! Always has a great recommendation And I am always happy with my purchase.

Excellent dispensary


Great dispensary and excellent service all the time. Budtenders are the nicest and always give great service. Bud is great and the prices are on fleek!! Definitely recommend this shop to anyone.

Friendly Placeg


Love this place! Friendly staff!

very good service

Belinda Scott

staff if always very helpful and friendly, made me feel comfortable and welcome, highly recommend this place A+



The staff at Foothill Wellness Clinic(FWC)are very knowledgeable and friendly. You feel welcome as soon as you step in the door. FWC carries a wide range of products to suit any need. Lastly, their products and prices excellent. FWC is AWESOME!

Wellness at FWC

Cesar Escobedo

The staff is always setting the highest quality of service and very knowledgeable about their products. That's why I keep going back.

The best


The best products, along with staff. Nicolette and Tala are beyond amazing. Tala has helped me with a friend of mine whom is paralyzed due to a recent motorcycle accident and is always informing me of the newest and best products to use for both him and I, both the most useful and costly efficient products, I really appreciate that, it's hard to find someone that genuinely cares that they go out of their way every time you come to help. I recommend this place 100%

Great service


Great place very professional and polite and always recommend the best indicas.



The customer service is hands down the best from any shop i've been too. They know their stuff, Patient, GREAT DEALS!! excellent selection!...one stop shop with glass and edibles, concentrates and flower. You name it they've probably got it!

Great place!

Breanna Gutierrez

Foothill Wellness is a great local dispensary! Super friendly and helpful staff. Large selection of strains! Fair pricing!

First time experience

Tevin Abdessian

First time here and what a beautiful shop it is , from concentrates to herbal to edibles these guys have it all, definitely coming back soon, great shop .

Phyllis Diller


I got that top shelf Phyllis Diller & it was fire. The advisors at Foothill helped me pick out a strain that would help with physical anxiety & it was awesome. I'm excited to go back & try another strain, although Phyllis Diller is a solid choice.



Nice 30 cap. Good bud. Nice People.



Great shop, super friendly staff and very helpful. Nice being shown around the dispensary and what is all available.



I love this shop! Always the go to spot for a 30$ 1/8th and some dank edibles. Always got specials and companies in for demos!

Great dispensary


Great variety of flowers, edibles and concentrates. My favorite dispensary the pineapple express was exceptionally good bubbaasywr is great also refer you guys to everyone I know



Quality is the best word for this place. From the service to the selection this place never ceases to amaze me.

I Love this place


I love this dispensary ! best place in tujunga. the staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable. there products are great and reasonable prices. this is my go to place for all my goodies 🙂



Love this shop. Always greeted by name and they carry an excellent selection of bud. Very nice selection of drinks as well as other edibles (my girlfriend won't let me eat them anymore).

Great Medical Marijuana Store


Extremely helpful in explaining the difference of all the marijuana strains! The sales people really display an interest in wanting to help all customers who come in!! I love they keep track of previous purchases-- THANK YOU

Alien Reunion


This is my new favorite strain. I walked into the dispensary and saw that there was barely any Alien Reunion left, so I could tell it was popular. I checked Leafly and it's usually only available in Oregon. Beyond pleased with the fact that FWC was able to get its hands on this.

Foothills Best!


By far the best in town. Great selection, high quality and better service than you'll find anywhere. Great staff always make you feel welcome

Client care


I always get superb service every time I visit. It's my favorite clinic in al of L.A. I've been a patient there for 2 years now and never disappointed. FWC, YOU ROCK!!!



Need some seeds



The amount of years Foothill Wellness Center has been around is a testament to the consistency and trustworthiness of the dispensary.

Best selection of top shelf flower, concentrates, and edibles


Besides the Friendly staff, this place has a great selection of top shelf flower. Not big on edibles but they have TONS of a variety!! Everything is at a reasonable price and it seems like every other week they have venders come in and give give always. Check this place out next time you need to re up.

Best shop


Every time it's a good experience

Best shop in Tujungs


Best shopping in Tujunga. Best service and freshest greens. If you haven't came by you're missing out.

#1 dispensary LA


Thank Jebus! My search for a better dispensary is over!@!@! FOOTHILL WELLNESS CENTER IS THE BEST DISPENSARY IN ALL LA COUNTY. I couldn't believe it when my friend said it was the best. Then i kept hearing about it from other patients, looked them up online(weedmaps only guide we had 5 years ago) etc... I then stopped by to see what the hype was about. SUPPOSEDLY had best buds concentrates, edibles, service AND especially...PRICES!$!!! When I signed up to be a patient I was greeted at the door. I filled out paperwork that took about 1 minute, was beeped in with 4 people ahead of me INSTANTLY! inside I was immediately greeted by a great budtender with my first name asking if I wanted help with anything and trust me I had a TON of questions. Now it is 5 years later and they without a doubt earn 5 stars for CONSISTENTLY giving me a great experience, invaluable knowledge, GREAT prices and more. The top shelf dollar point cannot be beat at foothill wellness. I picked up some of the best God's Gift with the help of budtender Chloe A+. NO MORE BACK PAIN FOR THE NEXT WEEK!@!@! thanks to my good friends at foothill wellness center for always delivering quality medicine that is affordable, amazingly high quality and most important to me is their efficiency and their kindness. WHEN you go remember to try a Korova brownie with UNRIVALED potency and listen to the advice of the budtenders. (other dispensaries just suggest the oldest strain to get rid of it, foothill wellness has NEVER suggested a strain i didnt love it has NEVER been too dry and has NEVER been low quality) if you find this information to be true then you will realize why i havent gone to a better dispensary yet (doesnt exist) and I have been to hundreds over the years. keep up the awesome work foothill wellness center!

Great service


Best shop in the LA county area!! Great budtenders! So friendly!

Good selection


Good selection of meds. Also good selection of eddibles. Really cool people working



The product at this shop is absolutely amazing and the workers are super kind and helpful