Best Strains for Morning, Best Strains for Evening

Now that marijuana is legal in various states around the US, more people are starting to incorporate cannabis into their daily routine. Unlike other controlled substances, cannabis can affect you in several ways, depending on the type of weed you use and the strain.

In fact, some strains can help you wake up and feel alert, while others allow you to relax and fall asleep. Because of these effects, we wanted to look at the best strains for morning and best strains for the evening. Here’s what we found.

A Primer on Cannabis: Indica vs. Sativa

Marijuana strains are a product of cross-breeding specific plants to create desired effects. However, regardless of the strain, it will be one or both of the two primary cannabis options: Sativa and Indica.

As a rule, cannabis Sativa is a mild stimulant, and many users report feeling energized and creative when taking it. Conversely, Indica works well as a relaxation aid to help you calm down.

So, because of these effects, most Sativa strains will be ideal for morning use, while Indica strains are best for the evening. Now, let’s look at some specific examples.

Best Weed Strains for the Morning

Marijuana users often call these strains “wake and bake” because they’re good to smoke first thing after you wake up. Some top options include:

Jack Herer

Jack Herer was a famed cannabis activist, so it makes sense to have a strain named after him. Also, since Herer was so motivated to push for weed legalization, this strain gives you some extra pep in your step.

Sour G CBG

You should already be familiar with CBD and THC, but a new cannabinoid is coming to the market - CBG. This element is non-psychoactive and delivers an energy boost to help you tackle the day.

Best Strains for the Evening

As the day winds down and you get ready for bed, a hit or two can help you fall asleep faster. That said, some users like to smoke as soon as they get home to relieve the stress of work or other responsibilities. Our favorite evening strains include:

Bubba Kush

Kush refers to the mountain region where Indica grows naturally, so most Kush strains will help you relax and fall asleep. Bubba Kush gives you a full-body high to relieve any stress you’re carrying.

Blackberry Kush

As the name suggests, this cannabis has a somewhat fruity, blackberry aroma. So, smoking it will not only help you sleep, it will make your living spaces smell pretty good, too.

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