What Does "Infused" Mean?

Usually, the best way to take cannabis is to smoke it as a joint or through a bong. However, those who don’t like to inhale can buy consumer cannabis-infused products. So, that begs the question - “what does ‘infused’ mean?” Let’s find out and see how it applies to cannabis.

What Does Infused Mean?

The literal definition of infused means to permeate an object with another substance, usually to make it better. Infusion works well for consumable materials like food, liquids, and controlled substances like cannabis.

The National Association of Cannabis Businesses (NACB) says that marijuana infusion incorporates cannabis, cannabinoids, or cannabis concentrates into a product.

Currently, there are no federal laws regarding concentration limits or minimums, so manufacturers can put as much cannabis as they want into their products. On the flip side, that also means that companies can say that there are more cannabinoids (i.e., CBD or THC) than are actually present.

How Are Products Infused With Cannabis?

The first step to a cannabis infusion is to distill the plant into its essential compounds. For edibles, one way to do this is to mix cannabis with butter or oil. Then, manufacturers will use the butter to make their foods.

Other methods include extracting the components into an isolate solution or tincture. Then, users can let the solution soak into a particular product.

Does the Type of Infusion Process Matter?

Yes, there are a few reasons why you need to pay attention to the infusion method used for a particular product. The various elements include:

  • Cannabinoid Type - You can buy products infused with CBD or THC (or both). Since THC gets you high, these products will be more tightly regulated than those with just CBD.

  • Potency - As a rule, cannabis products work better when manufacturers use the whole plant. So, products that use an isolate solution might not be as potent as those using full-spectrum cannabinoids.

  • Flavor - Cannabis-infused butter doesn’t really affect the taste of edibles. However, concentrated tinctures can have an off-putting taste. So, you may want to choose an infusion process that delivers a more enjoyable experience.

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