What To Do If a Friend Feels Too High

Getting high is often best done with friends, but not all occasions will go smoothly. Sometimes, someone will smoke or ingest more than they can handle, leading to some bad experiences.

Fortunately, when it comes to cannabis, there are some simple tricks to come down from an intense high. So, when you’re smoking with others, here’s what to do if a friend feels too high.

Be Calm and Reassuring

A bad high can be pretty stressful and induce anxiety. Thankfully, the effects shouldn’t last more than a couple of hours at most, depending on the type of weed used and the smoking method. So, the first step is to reassure your friend that the feeling will pass and that they’re going to be okay. De-escalating the situation will make it much easier to get through.

Distract Your Friend With Pleasant Activities

Being high is a state of mind, and dwelling on the negative feelings can make them worse. So, if you can distract your friend, chances are they’ll come out faster and feel better more quickly. Some distractions can include:

  • Food - Heavy carbs can help alleviate their symptoms and give their mind something else on which to focus. Also, make sure they drink lots of water to avoid dry mouth, which can often happen with an intense high.

  • Conversation - Talking to your friend about their hobbies or interests can help them calm their mind and help them to start feeling better.

  • TV or Video Games - Make sure that what you’re watching or playing is pleasant and not too stressful. For example, now is not the time to turn off the lights and watch a horror movie.

Get Outside

Fresh air and some exercise can do wonders for the body, regardless of how high you’re feeling. Walking with your friend can help them come down faster and smoother. Often, it helps to breathe fresh air.

Remove Stressors

Sometimes, your friend may get high in a noisy, stressful environment (i.e., a house party). In these cases, it’s best to remove your friend from the situation so that they don’t get overstimulated. Again, heading outside is ideal, but try a calm, quiet room instead if that's not possible.

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